Minting Money with Apps

In the age of smartphones, business apps are essential to your bottomline.

That’s right. To YOUR bottomline.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate - maybe you’re a startup, a company that’s been established for years, or a brand ambassador on Instagram - if you don’t have an app available to your people, you’re losing money.

Of course you know apps are popular. But do you know why YOU need one? You owe it to your consumer base and to your team to join the 21st century, because while many businesses mistakenly view apps as luxury items, they are a necessity.

THE PROBLEM: You know your business could improve exponentially with apps, but you have absolutely no idea where to begin or what your app would even look like. You don’t know the first thing about using apps for business, let alone how to create one!

Apps allow you to cut costs left and right. Imagine if you could...

  • Reduce manpower and excess spending
  • Generate leads at a faster rate
  • Increase your revenue
  • Make shopping for your product easier for your customers
  • Have a one-stop-shop for your employees for everything from payroll to company best practices!

The possibilities are as endless as the amount of money you stand to make.

You just need some guidance and a roadmap of where to start.

THE SOLUTION: MONEY MINTING WITH APPS with “The App Man” Jeremy Callahan

MINTING MONEY WITH APPS is a comprehensive video eCourse that takes you through the complete process of app creation, from identifying the kind of app that is best for your business, to marketing the app properly, to collecting positive feedback from users.

MONEY MINTING WITH APPS is essential to making and keeping your business relevant. Led by “The App Man” himself, this course is the first of its kind, and it is a game changer. This course gives you the opportunity to learn from an expert whose apps have been featured in Buzzfeed, Fast Company, Product Hunt, and more.

Jeremy Callahan is The App Man. For nearly 20 years, he has developed websites and apps for Fortune 500 companies, startups and small businesses. He knows what it takes to make a good app, and his methodology for generating successful apps is fail-proof if followed properly. He designed this course to demystify the app-making process your business can succeed in today’s market. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of website you have or how many followers you have, if you don’t have an app to solidify your mobile presence, you will not last.


  • 11 Video Modules taught by the master himself, Jeremy Callahan
  • The App Brainstorm Guide: How to Find Ways to Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs
  • Design Guides, Customer Avatars and User Experience flows
  • Estimation and App Specifications Worksheets
  • Pre-Marketing and Marketing Launch Checklists
  • List of App Review Websites and Contest Sites to Drive Free Traffic



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